DGTL Agency Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about DGTL Agency? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below before submitting a ticket and you may find your answer!

DGTL Agency

Do I need to pay for your software in order to get social media content?  

  • Yes! We run all of our creative projects through the DGTLsuite so that all feedback loops and revision cycles are accounted for. This workflow inside of our easy-to-use, interactive software simplifies the complex creative ecosystem, helping you save time and speed up your creative deliverable output. 


What’s the difference between DGTLsuite vs DGTL Agency? 

  • DGTLsuite is the software solution that solves the four largest problems businesses face in meeting the demands of their customers online: digital community management, customer care service automation, creative content logistics, and actionable insights from analytics. DGTL Agency’s services are fully integrated with the DGTLsuite tools to provide streamlined design, marketing, reporting, and strategy. 


Who should use DGTL Agency? 

  • Our bread-and-butter clients are small to medium-sized businesses, but our services can scale and grow as your company does! If you want to save time, stand out from the crowd, compete with companies 10 times your size, and organize your digital efforts then we are the solution for you. 


What industries do you specialize in? 

  • Our client portfolio ranges from food and beverage, education, hospitality, fashion, tech, home services, and everything in between. Take a look at our case studies to see real-life examples of how brands use our platform to streamline their workflow, improve engagement, increase customer satisfaction, and more. 


Can I see a video demo of how DGTL Agency works? 

  • Yes, we have some helpful videos on our website. Learn more about why you should choose us and our simple sign-up process. 


How do I get started with DGTL Agency? 

  • We’re glad you want to work with us. You can check out our plans here. If you already know what you want, then you can get started here! 

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