Filling out an Agency Draft

Filling out an Agency Draft

How to Read and Fill Out Agency Drafts

When starting a new Agency draft the following sections need to be filled out, each of these sections will be described below, please be sure to fill out all fields so that your Agency can properly fulfill your content requests!

Media Type

The first section is the Media Type, this is what kind of graphic you would like used for the content, you may either select a stock photo, indicate to use an attached photo, or specify any other graphic type you may need such as a carousel or video.

Media Type

The second section is the Select Account section where if you have several different company accounts you can select which one you would like to make the content request for. This will default to your main account.


The third section is the Month / Year section, this is for organizational purposes, earlier dates will show up higher up on your content page. These dates are not final and content can have its date changed to post on any day. The month section will also be used to determine the billing month a request falls into.

Content Scheme

The fourth section is the Content Scheme section where you can select what type of deliverable the content you are requesting is, if not a piece of Social Media Content you can select Other Deliverable and a second box will appear from which you can select one of many options separated by category.


The final section is the Attachments section, here you can upload any images that you would like used in the content request or design inspiration.

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