How to Set Post Type and Upload Content

How to Set Post Type and Upload Content

Post Type and Uploading Content

With each piece of content the type of media must be selected and content uploaded.

Selecting Post Type

When working on a new Content Draft determine what kind of post it will be, Photo, Carousel, Call to action, Video, or Other. To do this select the "Post Type" and select whatever option is applicable to what you intend to add to your Content Draft, this can be changed at a later point if you decide to shift the scope of the content and will display below it what media types you may upload.

Adding Attachments and Saving

Once you have determined the type of post that you will be uploading you may use the Attachments section to upload the media used for the Content, when doing so the media restrictions mentioned in the "Post Type" sections will apply.

Once you have completed editing your Content Draft you may choose to either discard the changes made to sections that have been changed, or to save that platforms changes.


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