Advanced Library Features

Advanced Library Features

Core actions of the Create Library

Find out how to use granular actions in the Create library, manage permissions, view the old content, and control access.

How to open a book

The Library holds all of your files as books within a shared space, if you want to get details on any of the files asides from the simple content itself you can open a granular view by simply clicking on any book.

When looking at a book you can see the details of image dimensions, file size, its last modification date, the type of file, and whoever is responsible for adding it to the library.

Changing permissions for books

Books in your library may have several different levels of privacy or specified access, to start managing this right click the book you wish to manage or click the three dots on the right hand side of it's listing.

To begin managing specific access to a book, click the option labeled share.


Once in this view, you may edit access to groups who have already had this book shared with them, all users, or may enter any people or groups you would like to give access to.

Once you have selected a specific organization or group of people you may then customize the kind of access you would like to give them, wether or not they should be notified, and may add a custom message to the notification.

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