Understanding Create: Individual Drafts

Understanding Create: Individual Drafts

Introduction to Individual Content Drafts

What is a Content Draft?

DGTL Create's content process involves you filling out one or more intake forms to make up a Content Draft. The Content Draft includes all the information needed for the creation of an asset such as Social Media Posts, General design assets, or other Marketing Materials. Content drafts are typically grouped by a single theme/topic.

NOTE: A Content Draft for a social media post may contain one or more social media platforms. 

What is an Example of a Content Draft?

Say that you need to post about an upcoming event on your business's Facebook page, Instagram Account, and LinkedIn Page... and you need a printed flyer designed for the event. Your Content Draft will include all 3 social media platforms you need posts for AND the request for a marketing flyer. That way you can keep track of all the assets relating to the event within ONE Content Draft! 

Where Can I See All of my Drafts?

All Create drafts are listed in both your Dashboard Widgets and in your Content Tab. Clicking on the Draft Name will take you to the Individual Draft's view.

Explaining the Individual Draft View

Your Individual Draft View is split into two columns:
  1. The Dynamic Column (left)
  2. The Workspace Column (right)
In addition to the two columns, your Draft's Status Changer is visible in the upper right-hand corner of your Individual Draft View. You will use the dropdown to change the status of your entire Draft.

The Dynamic Column

Your Dynamic column will automatically display your initial draft intake form. You can shift through the different forms and tagging sections by clicking the form titles in the blue section at the top.

Your Dynamic column's name comes from the idea that the content on the left side of your screen will change depending on the tab you select from your SIDEBAR TAB MENU. Let's explore the different tabs in the Dynamic Column next:
  1. The Brand Tab - Displays your CREATIVE BRIEF and BRAND VOICE details for easy access while you're working on your content. This tab also provides space for quick notes to be left. All notes are dated and time-stamped for easy reference. 
    1. NOTE: These 2 forms are located within DGTL Account and can be updated at any time.
  2. The Library Tab - Easily access any of the uploaded assets stored in the Create Library. Within the Individual Draft view, the Library Tab will default to your Individual Draft folder containing any attachments you've uploaded to that specific Draft.
  3. The Assignment Tab - Displays any users who are assigned to this draft. You can add/remove users from the draft here as well.
  4. The Draft Info Tab - Directs you to the main 'DRAFT' form for you to view/edit.
  5. The Work Details Tab - Directs you to the 'WORK DETAILS' form for you to view/edit. This is also where you can assign work to your 3rd-party MSP (Agency) if that configuration is a part of your DGTLsuite subscription.
  6. The Tagging Tab - Directs you to the 'TAGGING' section of the Draft form for you to view/edit your Pillars and tags as needed.
  7. The Preview Tab - Displays a post preview of what that media/copy will look like on social media OR a larger preview of your final marketing asset.
  8. The Schedule Tab - Allows you to schedule an approved Draft directly from the Dynamic Column.
  9. The Updates Tab - This is the main conversation and collaboration space within your Drafts. All changes made to your draft will be logged in this tab and this is where you'll find important feedback left by your team including any @ mentions.

The Workspace Column

On the right side of your Individual Draft view, you'll find the Workspace Column. This is where you upload your final copy and media attachments for your deliverables.

What Statuses are Available in the Status Changer?

The available statuses are:
  1. Not Started
  2. In Progress
  3. In Revision
  4. Scheduled
  5. Published
  6. Delivered (for non-social media post drafts)
  7. Cancelled

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