Understanding Create: The Library

Understanding Create: The Library

Intro to and Managing the Create Library

Find out what the Create Library is and how to manage/upload content to it for future or current use.

What is the Library?

The Library acts as a shared assets folder where you can upload any images, graphics, videos, documents, and logos that you may want to use for future content. You may download or view assets on your device by right-clicking on the file name.

Helpful Hint: Images uploaded within Content Drafts will automatically upload into the library. Feel free to use the library as a file storage system to house all of your media repositories.

Please note: To search the create library use the magnifying glass next to "items per page" the top search bar is for creative drafts only.

Adding Items to the Library

When adding items to your Library, you can either upload files to your general client folder or categorize your assets by creating separate folders.

Accessing the Content Drafts Folder

When first accessing your Create Library the first folder option unless moved will always be the "Content Drafts" folder. This folder contains all creative for whatever Content Draft's you have made, this will include all stages of revision from beginning to end.

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