Understanding Create: The Library

Understanding Create: The Library

Introduction to the Library

What is the Library?

The Create Library acts as a shared asset repository where you can upload any images, graphics, videos, documents, and logos that you may want to use for future content.
Please note: To search the Create library use the magnifying glass next to the "items per page"  dropdown.

Your Library Structure

Your Create Library is made up of files, folders, and subfolders. 
A folder called "Content Drafts" is automatically created and pinned to the top of your library. It will update with any media attachments from your drafts. This includes:
  1. Attachments, design inspiration, final media, and any prior versions of media.

The Different Library Views

  1. List View: You can view your files and folders in a list view (this is the default view).
  2. Grid View: You can also view your files and folders in a grid view. This is a perfect view if you need larger media previews!
  3. Books: When you click on an individual file within the Create Library, it will open up its 'BOOK'. Each file's 'BOOK' contains additional details such as:
    1. Dimensions and File Size
    2. When it was last uploaded/modified
    3. File Type
    4. Who uploaded the file
When first accessing your Create Library the first folder option unless moved will always be the "Content Drafts" folder. This folder contains all creative for whatever Content Draft's you have made, this will include all stages of revision from beginning to end.

Automatic Folders in the Library

There are a few folders that are automatically created and pinned to the top of your Create Library.
  1. Content Drafts
  2. Engagement Media

Managing Files and Folders

Th It's simple to manage your files and folders within the Create library. Actions such as organizing, renaming, and sharing are possible for all files and folders. To manage files and folders within your Library, right-click to open up the menu of possible actions. Possible options available include:
  1. Move
  2. Share
  3. Preview
  4. Download
  5. Copy Media to Clipboard
  6. Rename
  7. Delete

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