Understanding Create: The Dashboard

Understanding Create: The Dashboard

Introduction to the Dashboard

When you log into Create you'll be welcomed with your user dashboard. This is the high-level overview of all activities in Create and the information is separated into widgets.

To view a full walkthrough demo of the Create Dashboard, click HERE.

Dashboard Buttons

At the top of your Dashboard are a few buttons.
  1. Create Draft Button: Makes a new draft in Create. Clicking this will launch the basic Draft creation form. Best for planning content In advance.
  1. Instant Post Button: Marked with a lightning bolt icon. Clicking this will launch the simplified Instant Post form. Best for instant social media publishing on a single platform.

The "Unassigned" Widget

This widget shows all the active drafts that have been created, but have no users assigned to them.

The "Assigned to Me" Widget

This widget shows all the drafts assigned to your user. Use the arrows at the top of the widget to navigate through your list of assignments. 

The "Incomplete" Widget

This widget shows all the drafts that are at least one month past their suggested publish date.

The "Scheduling" Widget

This widget shows all the drafts that are ready for scheduling. The Drafts are displayed in color-coded CARDS:
  • Red: No Platforms Scheduled
  • Yellow: Partially Scheduled
  • Green: Fully Scheduled

The "Recently Published" Widget

This widget shows all the drafts that have been published in chronological order.

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