Introduction to the Dashboard

Introduction to the Dashboard

Navigating Your Dashboard

When you log into Create you'll be welcomed with your user dashboard. This is the high-level overview of all activities in Create and the information is separated into widgets.

The "Unassigned" Widget

This shows all content drafts that have been created by your team but have not yet had any users assigned to their production.

The "Assigned to Me" Widget

This shows all the content assigned to you to work on. This includes content that is brand new, in progress (i.e. you've started it already) or in revision (someone has requested edits). This is a preview of the total number of assigned content drafts as the widget only shows the first 6! Use the arrows at the top of the widget to navigate through your list of assignments. 

The "Managed" Widget

This shows CDR’s that you have submitted to a third-party Agency to make.

The "Action Needed" Widget

This shows any content drafts that need your attention for review, feedback, and/or approval.
The drafts that appear in this widget have the status “Pending Review” in Create.

The "Incomplete" Widget

This shows any drafts that are unhandled and at least a month past their suggested publish date. 

The "Scheduling" Widget

This shows all drafts that are ready for scheduling (red), have been partially scheduled (yellow), or are fully scheduled (green). 

The "Recently Published" Widget

This shows content that has recently been published after being scheduled, as well as displays if all content has gone live 

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